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God's Blessing to our Church Family!

   The National Usher Board would like to take this opportunity to thank our brothers and sisters for supporting our church’s first edition of The Church of the Living God’s National Church Calendar (NCC).  We would also like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We are so proud of the hard work that was demonstrated and the commitment that was displayed by the NCC Team.  We would like to acknowledge the great support we received from our Chief Bishop Dr. Rex M. Waddell and the other bishops that are leading the Grand Ole’ Church of the Living God.

  We pray that you are utilizing your NCC as the tool it was designed to be. Please take a look at your NCC for the current month and see all the great things we are celebrating this month.

  We are so excited to share God’s Glory for us.  Now we want to allow you the experience to share with our brothers and sisters via pictures, art work or words of encouragement for what God is doing and has done in your ministry. 

  For a donation of $125 we are offering you this great opportunity to capture your ministries work and become a part of our church history.  We want you to share with us what God is manifesting in your life via your ministry, your auxiliary, special congregation or upcoming events.  What a demonstration of Retain and Reclaim to be able to share God’s work with your brothers and sisters across the Brotherhood of the Church of the Living God and all the members of the Body of Christ.

  We only have a few pages available for this special offering.  The pages made available will be offered and allocated on a first come basis.  Please don’t miss out on this opportunity to share with the world how God is working in your life.  We welcome your participation. 


What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31


Please follow these instructions to ensure you get your request in ASAP.   

Your contact persons are:

Shelia Winslow 310-874-5840
Ernest Woods   513-441-5255

  1. Ensure your information has been reviewed by the NCC contacts.

  2. Make your $125 donation payable to COTLG National.

  3. Email all entries to Ernest Woods including your donation by March 31, 2023.

  4. Please make sure the quality of your pictures have good resolution.  

  5. Please provide your contact information.

  6. Please understand that every submission submitted may not make it into the second edition of the National Church Calendar.  Yet remember this is a yearly publication.  Therefore, if not this year your submission will have priority for the next edition.    

  7. Please make contact with Shelia or Ernest ASAP so you can bless us with your submission.




The National Usher Board of the Church of the Living God is seeking local artists in your community to compete in our National Usher Board Church Art Contest. Each participant is asked to use their creative minds to create a masterpiece of art expressing their idea of

 “What Praise Means To You”. There are three contestants' age groups, 6-8 years old, 9-12 years old, and 13-18 years old.


● Youth Art Contest Registration Form Deadline: March 26, 2023

● Youth Art Contest Submission due date: May 15, 2023

● Winners Announcement: Prior to 2023 National Convention and presented at 2023 National Convention in Frisco, TX

● Participants submission can be a poem, drawing, painting, or artistic craft ● Entries can be submitted electronically via email in doc or pdf (written submissions) and .jpeg or .pdf (drawings, painting or artistic craft)

● Age categories: 6-8 years old, 9-12 years old, and 13-18 years old.

● One winner will be selected from each age category

● Winners will receive a gift card

● Entries will be displayed at the 2023 National Convention

● The winning entries will also be included the National Church Calendar

Please contact Barbara Walker via email or cell 228-806-2570 or Ernest Woods via email or cell 513-441-5255.

Looking forward to your participation,

Bro. Ernest Woods,

President of National Usher Board

Sis. Barbara Walker,


Art Contest Chairperson



In addition we would like to make room in NCC for those who have gone home to glory.  For a small donation your love one will go down in the history of the Church of the Living God ‘National Church Calendar’ Second Edition.  

 For a full page acknowledgment of your love one for a donation of $125.00

 For a half page acknowledgment of your love one for a donation of $64.00

 For a card size (is this business size or ¼ sheet) mention of your love one for a donation of $25.00                    

We are so excited about how God is working in the National Usher Board Ministry.   


National Church Calendar Team


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